Thursday, July 31, 2008

Infosys, the all new pride of mysore!!!

The world's biggest corporate training facility for IT professionals in Mysore.
The Rs. 260 crore corporate training centre has been set up by Infosys, which adds 12,000 employees every year.
The US $ 60 million training centre is housed in a 270 acre campus at Mysore!! :)

Great na :)
And it is built by Shobha developers, one of reputed architect solutions' company!!

And also if u haven't seen the top view of this campus, where the building's top view are in alphabets which says INFOSYS :)

Have a look at this pic :)


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why mysore so special ???

Its because of the below things!!!Here it goes!!!



Photo:Eric Lafforgue

Do u people know what are the rest which makes mysore so special ???
Can u reply ??

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Palace view from betta @ night!!!

Photo Credits:Meghashree Iyengar

Photo Credits: P G Pavan

Watch the illuminated mysore :)

Its really a nice feeling to sit on top of the hill and watch the city illuminated @ night!!!
If u haven tried it , try it once!!
And ya one more thing now roads to betta will be closed after 10 pm & opens @ 6 am!!

The above photos were sent by e-mail from two of our blog visitors!!

thanks to them!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Multiplex in mysore!!

A specialty mall located on Hunsur Road, Mysore. Spread across 5.6 lask sft is coming soon, it has 6-screen multiplex and serviced apartments.
According to sources, its PVR which is coming in this mall!!
It will be completed by 2009!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fire Brigade Under Bridge!!

Imagine if the walls on the both the sides of the road painted blue and white combinational stripes!!!
Don't it look good ??? ;)
Anyways i just thought!! ;)

Coffee on the Corner!!!!!

Wanna have a cup of coffee after getting tired of shopping in DD Urs road???
Then drop into Cafe Coffee day on the corner of the Urs road!!
A real cool place to hang out with friends !!
I still remember our last visit to this place when T20 match was on air!!
He he :) we had no signs of leaving the cafe till the match get over!!
Then they switched off the tv and thrown us out : (
Hot memories :(!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nerale Hannu - Jambhul Fruit!!

Nerale hannu - The Jambhul Fruit alternatively known as Jamun in Hindi or Java plum, Black plum and Indian blackberry in English.

We find these fruit vendors selling it everywhere around the city with the pushcarts!!!

We friends had it yesterday!!! Its really nice to taste it once when it is around!!!
Effects after eating it: Your tongue goes purple colour :)

Bending tree!!!

Have u seen this bending tree in the crawford hall entrance???
Its stand tall since many years welcoming the people!!!

Asli Grape Juice!!!!!!

Have u ever tasted an asli grape juice ????
That too a fermented one!!!
Yes you can taste it here, in this very old grape juice corner located near RTO Circle!!!
Almost a fermented wine!! Really a very unique & good taste!!
Try this once if u haven't !!!

Mysore!! the safest city!!

Don u people agree ???
At least now ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A2Z , the hot spot in Kuvempunagar!!!

The very familiar spot in kuvempunagar!!
Westside , KBC, Chiken hut are all in row!!!

Monkey's dil maange more!!!!

A monkey in mysore zoo snatched a pepsi from a kid.It climbed a tree, sat comfortably and had it nicely :)
He he funny na :) even monkeys need a brand drink!!!

Later even me tried feeding a Maaza drink to another monkey !!! See the below pic!!!

New "KANE" Juice centre in saraswathipuram!!!

The new kane juice centre has been open in saraswathipuram 1st main!!
Here they serve different types of kane juices - Chat masala, Ginger, Lime, Mint, Salt & Pepper and plain !!
Rs.10 for any type of juice.
Special thing in this shop is, they don use ice cubes for juice, instead they keep the sugarcanes in the freezers.

Wanna see the brand ambassadors for this juice???
See the below pic!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Isn't it a great news ????
Kalamandir bridge which had started its construction ages back is finally completed and open for public now!!
It has took around a year for its completion!!
Hats off to Indian railways who struggled hard to construct this great bridge!!
Even hongkong airport dint take this much time seriosuly!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Jolly Jog in Kukkrahalli Lake!!

Wanna jog or have a long walk in the morning with fresh air and nice scenery together ????
Then y dont u drop into Kukkrahalli lake!!!
Ya many people from kids to oldies come here in the morning and also in the evening time..
After all this is a place which inspired our great poet Kuvempu to write all his great literature!!

This lake has got Rs.1 crore in this year's budget for upgradation!!!
Hope it will be more attractive in coming days!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kafe Biriyani Corner Coming Online Soon :)

The famous Kafe biriyani corner of kuvempunagar, which has also started its branch recently in Jayalakshmipuram too is coming online :)
Seriously they serve yummy biriyani and chicken!!!
All u non-veggies out there, if u havent visited yet! Do visit soon!!!
And ya am not here to advertise it ;)
Just an info friends!!
And its in kuvempunagar double road beside Westside showroom!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nice work na !!!!

Don be surprised its just a photoshop work found in karanataka tourism website!!
Anyways i liked the work , dint you ???

Meet Beer Buddha of Mysore!!!!!

He has drank around 3 thousand tins in 3 months!!!
Have u ever seen this type of collection :) :) ??? Strange na ????
Sorry couldn reveal his identity!!! :P

Amruth gobi centre since 8 years!!

The famous gobi centre serving since 8 years in kuvempunagar near Kaveri school!!
It has been upgraded from a pushcart to a shop!!
Good taste !!!
Dry gobi also famous here!!

Top view of K R Circle!!!

Have u ever seen this view ???
Yup its a Google earth image!!!

Hayabusa spotted on mysore-banglore highway!!

HE HE :)
Pillion rider wearing paragon slippers ;)
Rare na ????

Peculiar football fans in mysore!!!!

LOL!!! Its a Corporation address board at 10th cross ashokpuram !!!
Unique na ???
And now u cant find it because they have changed into RONALDINHO FANS CLUB!!

The below pic shows that!!!

Awesome road to betta !!!

Awesome road makes us to visit betta again and again!! A nice riding experience!!!