Thursday, August 14, 2008

Corner House - The best corner to Chill Out!!

The famous "Corner House" group, who have,a sort of, attained an exclusivity in serving people with the yummiest n most delicious ice creams,have started their 'corner' in VV Mohalla ,Mysore.. Honestly,there are more than one recommendations that I would make, of all that you are offered by the menu.. But then 'course, there is the "Death By Chocolate(DBC)" that you simply can't afford to miss... Definitely a cool place to hang out..!!
Well,if your tongue has an affinity towards some of the best ice creams served around,all that I would say is,your destination is just at the 'the Corner'... ;-)


Apoorva Chandar said...

e with you..DBC is really good...but its a bit too heavy for one person


DBC personified!! ;)

sindhu said...

i love rocky road! :) chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips n loads of fun!